Home Heating and Air Conditioning Services

In Houston, a dependable heating and cooling system is as important as having hot water or electricity. Your family spends a lot of time indoors, so it’s critical to hire a trained and certified contractor when you need HVAC service.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

The skilled and experienced contractors associated with York offer a full array of heating and air conditioning services designed to keep your family healthy, safe, and comfortable in all weather conditions.

  • Complete System Design: Homeowners have suffered long enough with high utility bills and uneven levels of comfort caused by poor system design. Our contractors always run a full set of load calculations to determine the effect that windows, doors, perimeter leakage and insulation have on your home’s total heating and cooling load. Properly sized air conditioners provide better comfort, longer life and lower operating costs when compared to systems that are oversized or matched with deficient ductwork.
  • HVAC Installation Services: Any major construction project can be disruptive and inconvenient, so our contractors are trained to keep job site clutter to a minimum while maintaining a low profile. Every new construction or replacement system will have that “factory” finished look, and our technicians performance-test the equipment to ensure it delivers just the right amount of conditioned air into every room in your home.
  • Comprehensive Repair Service: It’s early morning in July, and your house is heating up when you suddenly realize your air conditioner isn’t working. You start to get that sinking feeling because you know this is going to be a major hassle. Fortunately, the contractors in our dealer network maintain a fully staffed service department to quickly address any HVAC equipment repair problems. They always use genuine factory-authorized repair parts, and 24/7 critical care service is available for emergencies.
  • Maintenance Agreements: Besides your house and car, your central HVAC system may be the most expensive purchase you ever make. It makes sense to protect your equipment by acquiring a preventative maintenance plan. Twice a year, certified technicians tune-up your equipment and perform a variety of critical inspections, calibrations and adjustments to ensure the system performs at peak efficiency year round.
  • Indoor Air Quality Services: Modern homes are often too tight, and older homes usually have large gaps and breaches in the perimeter envelope. In either condition, dirt, dust and other pollutants accumulate in the interior of your home where they can negatively impact those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. York dealers are trained in indoor air quality science, and they can design a whole-house IAQ strategy that includes filtration, ventilation, eradication, and humidity control so your home stays clean and fresh-smelling throughout the year.

The HVAC Dealers You can Trust

If you are looking for a dependable contractor who provides comprehensive cooling and heating services, use our convenient dealer locator tool. One of our contractor affiliates will contact you to answer your questions and arrange an appointment at your convenience.